What to Expect

It is a working passage

It is a working passage

An adventure sail on Saga is a working passage & sail training trip with full crew involvement and the crew share all duties onboard including cleaning and cooking.


Wear a lift jacket at all time on deck

If in doubt, ask

Follow standing orders

Have fun & smile



Drinking alcohol (on passage)

Illegal drugs

Yelling and complaining

What is adventure sailing with Saga47swan Sailing?

What are the duties onboard?

Meals & cooking onboard

Is it crowded below decks - Confined space?

What will the weather be like?

Daily routine – Life onboard

The other crew members – who else will join?

Here is what crew says about sailing with us:

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    Lovely old girl (the boat); patient wise man (the skipper); spectacularly tasty (the food): plentiful (the showers!). All that meant the Atlantic crossing was 'stress free' especially as Chris doesn't believe in creating unnecessary anxiety and that rubs off on the crew...

    Ben Hollister

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    Just back from Scotland from our May 2021 adventure, to say it was amazing is an understatement, having pretty much zero sailing experience I was a little nervous as to what to expect, Skipper Chris was brilliant And a great teacher he teaches You along the way.

    Paul Ellis

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    If you are thinking of booking on a saga adventure I would say just do it .I just returned from the trip to the outer Hebrides and st kilda last week and absolutely loved it .. it was a privilege to be part of the crew on this great boat .

    Russel Harrison

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    The boat and the skipper are fantastic - solid, calm and reassuring. I learned a lot about keeping body and soul together, and how to use various bits of kit that aren't on other boats I use. Would I do it again? Yes - just waiting for the right time.

    Richard Oliver

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